CarbonSwap Finance
SUSU is the governance token of the CarbonSwap ecosystem

SUSU Token fact sheet

    Hard cap: 300 million
      Never planned to be reached
      Some of it is reserved for future mining programs, such as NFT mining
        We will decide on it later
    Carbonswap DEX Liquidity mining program: 100 million
      Early bird period: ~30 days
      Early bird allocation: 40 SUSU/block
      Normal allocation: 6.5 SUSU/block
      Starting block number: 11443127
      Dev allocation & war chest: 5%
        If it turns out to be too much we just burn it or use it for games
      Mining program ends: when 100 million is mined
        Calibrated to last ~2 years
      Inflation: after the mining program ends, 1% per year (1 mil)
        Can be turned off by governance
      Deflation: token burning, in the beginning, is off but can be turned on by governance
        E.g. 1% of each SUSU transactions can be burned which are not meant to provide utility/working
    SUSU farming
      Lure and attract SUSUs by providing liquidity in designated pools
      Harvest SUSUs based on your share in the farming pool
      You receive 0.25% of swap fees as usual
    SUSU staking -> xSUSU
      Earn 0.05% of the swap fees as SUSU proportionally to your share in the staking contract
      No impermanent loss, no loss of governance rights!
      Bonus programs: some participating pools can have extra rewards on top of SUSU. Keep an eye on the announcements!


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