⚖️ Governance
In your coal dusty hands
Voicing opinions and steering is done through snapshot voting. It is possible that we will upgrade to a full fledged DAO at some point.


    Anybody can create proposals, but the CS team has to accept and execute on them in the end regardless of the outcome, meaning CS team has a veto right for now.
    Trolling, unserious proposals are disregarded and deleted.
    Please respect the voters by putting some effort into your proposal. Provide sound, objective reasoning, proper context for understanding, paying attention to style and formatting.
    Proposals from the CS team have "Core" label.
    Please take governance proposal discussions to the #governance channel on Discord.

Voting weight formula: SUSUPOWER

At a given blocknumber, the SUSUPOWER you have = the amount of SUSU in your hands + the amount of SUSU you have in the staking contract + 2 * amount of SUSU you have in liquidity pools.
It is possible we tweak the formula later or upgrade to a better one.

Things that should be definitely made as proposals

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