CarbonSwap Finance
Roadmap is indicative, subject to change
Version 21.06.2021 Subject to changes

DeFi track

Green DeFi arrives at Energy Web!
    DEX - Uniswap V2 clone
      Bulletproof & battle-tested
      EWC native projects finally have a platform to trade
      Low-cost & carbon neutral exchange, viable for small trades
      A Solid foundation for all future products
    Omni Bridge between Ethereum Mainnet <> Energy Web Chain
      Free flow of liquidity in both directions for all fungible ERC tokens
      Mainnet exodus
      Connection to the larger Ethereum ecosystem for future services
    SUSU governance token & liquidity mining program
      Incentifized liquidity pools
      Project bootstrapping
      Compensation for impermanent loss
      Passive income
      Governance & community involvement
      Reward programs
      Featured EWC native token launches
        price/volume/liquidity tracking
        farm tracking
        stake tracking
      Grant program
    Custom farms
    Custom steaks
    Lending platform
    Launch panel & crowd loans
    Layer 2 - To be seen, it's still early. For now, Energy Web as layer 1 is still comfy
    We are definitely interested in multi-chain interoperability, but for that, a parachain on Polkadot is not out of the picture either.

NFT track

The NFT track depends on the existence of a solid DEX with acceptable liquidity, Bridge and Governance mechanism. As this had to be set up from scratch for the whole Energy Web Chain, the focus is concentrated there in the first round. As things solidify on that front, the work on this track ramps up to 100%.
We don't want to jump onto the NFT bandwagon just because everyone is doing it. We want to create products that are actually useful and fit to the theme of Energy Web. NFTs and sustainability already had a special connection even before it was cool: they are already used in some projects under the hood representing renewable energy certificates or various assets. It's time to bring some of this to light and make them accessible and exciting.
We see lot of fantasy in fractionalizing and tokenizing NFTs which might fit best for some use cases, but of course we will add our own twist for that. More details later.
    NFT marketplace
    NFT bridge
    Decarbonization using EnergyWeb Zero
      Make your NFTs more valuable by offsetting and making them green
      Carbon offset everything!
    Novel NFT trading and auctioning mechanisms
    Pooling and fractionalizing >>real<< energy attribute certificates, other various green collectibles
    and art
      Renewable generation by the people, to the people!
    NFT & generic OTC Marketplace
    green NFT pools
    NFT backed loans
    NFT bridge
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