CarbonSwap Finance
Swap any ERC20 compatible token to any ERC compatible one. You can refer to the original Uniswap documentation for details.

Some handy facts

    Anybody can enlist anything, nobody is able to restrict this as this is a pure DEX based on ownerless smart contracts.
      Also means we cannot be responsible for what people do there.
    There is no order book, there are no buy or sell orders. There are liquidity pools for pairs.
    You pay 0.3% as swap fees which is the standard for DEXes.
    Anybody can market make, thus provide liquidity for token-pairs for traders. It is done by others, not by Carbonswap.
    You can swap any token to any token. The DEX tries to find you the most optimal way of doing so, routing through multiple token pairs. There needs to be a route with enough liquidity to support your trade.
    The market price is determined by the ratio of the tokens in the pool.
      E.g. You want to swap token A for token B. The market price is determined by the ratio of the reserves A/B. You will put token A in the reserves and take some token B out.
      Each trade changes the market price
    If your trade size is relatively big to the liquidity pool size, it might cause slippage, a larger impact on the market price. Large slippage also means your trade is less efficient. The larger the liquidity pool, the larger trades you can make.
      If you are okay with larger slippage, change your tolerance in the settings.
    If your transaction is pending for a long time, check if the gas settings were correct, or if the nonce of your transaction is correct. The contracts are solid, and there are 5 second block times.
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